Citing AGLC3 Automatically


Download Zotero either as a Firefox extension or on Desktop. Firefox or both is preferred, as it will allow you to import webpages, ANU Library and Google Scholar links directly to Zotero in AGLC3 format.

Download a plugin for Word or Libreoffice.


  • Download the AGLC style format from Zotero’s database,
  • Open the downloaded file while Zotero is open. It will automatically add the style into Zotero.


Try saving a citation from Google Scholar (click cite, import using RefMan). It will save into a default folder or any folder you’ve made and selected for use in Zotero.Screenshot 2016-02-26 12.18.48

If using Firefox, you can also save webpages using the page button to the right of the Z. The Z button will open the Zotero extension.

Screenshot 2016-02-26 12.20.02Click on the folder you’re currently working on in Zotero, click the settings button and click Preferences. Go to cite, styles and choose AGLC. You can delete all other citation styles if you wish, as shown below.Screenshot 2016-02-26 12.22.24

The first button below will create a footnote and ask you to choose a citation.


  • Go to Word or Libreoffice and press the first button in Add-ins. It will insert a footnote and ask you to choose a citation. Screenshot 2016-02-26 12.14.22


  • Once you have finished your work, you can generate a bibliography. Click the third button in Add-ins.
  • The bibliography tool will show your citations in the correct AGLC order (splitting A Articles/B Cases/C Other etc in alphabetical order) but it lacks headings. You must add them in yourself manually.

Screenshot 2016-02-26 12.14.22

IMPORTANT! There are some flaws in this system.

  • For example, UN Documents, Treaties, Yearbooks do not work well. Simply choose the closest style and add the citation in manually, or enter it manually as you always do. If you enter it manually as a non-Zotero citation, you’ll have to add it into your bibliography manually later.
  • Sometimes the metadata has errors. You can edit that yourself in Zotero.
  • You can save PDFs to Zotero directly but this is messy with the Firefox version and often doesn’t work correctly.